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The opinions and information on this site are my own and do not reflect the official position of my employer or any other entity with whom I may be affiliated.

Privacy Policy

This site does not collect cookies directly. It does normal logging of web activity for monitoring and operational purposes; the data collected includes, among other things, the client’s IP address and the user-agent transmitted by their browser or other device. The site does use Google Analytics, which appears to generate and collect tracking cookies.


This site does not display advertising. If you are seeing ads on my pages, it is because your ISP has altered those pages without my permission, and I would appreciate it if you would let me know so that I can sue them.

I will display advertising on my clothes, vehicle, or other possessions for a minimum of US$9,999.99 per month, payable quarterly, with a minimum 3-month payment up front. Attaching advertising to something I own after I purchase it constitutes acceptance of these terms.

Editorial Policy

I edit this site. I fix typos, I update information, and I alter statements when I change my opinion on things. I do try very hard to never change the links to things, however. So, for example, the page about my simple clock website is still at this link even though the site itself has changed from to to and it might even be called something else in the future. I see no reason to have inaccurate or misleading data on the web, even in the name of pure “historical accuracy,” and thus I’ll typically keep things up to date.

Not always, however. There are some essays that I’m pretty sure that I will regret having on the site, especially if I ever decide to run for President. But I think it’s important, in those cases, to preserve some record of the history of my thought.

Yes, it’s inconsistent. Deal with it.