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Résumé: Glen Campbell

I am an experienced software development manager with experience delivering large-scale systems and the complete software development lifecycle. In the past, I’ve been a developer and systems architect, though I haven’t done much coding in the last few years.

However, even though some consider the term “old-fashioned” these days, I tend to think of myself as a systems analyst; that is, my primary skill is the ability to visualize and solve problems related to integrating large-scale systems such as high-volume distributed systems, large websites, service-oriented network architectures, data warehouses, and other software constructs. I have a proven track record of launching large-scale software projects; I was the architect and lead developer for the first service-oriented architecture (SOA) website at Yahoo!, and I’ve launched numerous other large-scale sites and products since then.

In the past, I’ve been a consultant and architect of data warehouses and very large extract, transform, and load (ETL) processes.

Employment History, Seattle, WA (2015-present).

2020-present Software development manager for Account Integrity in the Customer Trust and Partner Support organization; we’re responsible for mitigating attacks on Amazon customer data. This involves various types of challenges to stop bad actors, either in person or via bots, from taking over customer accounts.

2015-2020 Software development manager for Amazon retail pricing. While at Amazon, I have lead teams involved in competitive matching, business intelligence/data engineering, user experience, and application workflow management. During my time at Amazon, I was a key participant on initiatives surrounding the automation of Amazon retail pricing and worked with stakeholders on key components of pricing systems related to price perception.

While I cannot discuss the details of many of these projects, most of them involved large-scale distributed systems as well as near-real-time processing of data. We also worked with significant back-end data systems for use by machine-learning engineers and data scientists.

As a development manager, I not only had software developers as my direct reports but also other development managers. Beyond the purely technical and project work, I helped to mentor new managers and engineers and develop training programs for use across the organization.

Rackspace Hosting, San Antonio, TX (2010-2015).

I was a software development manager in the Developer Experience team, part of the Rackspace Cloud products team (and was a founder of the Developer Relations Group, its immediate predecessor). This team develops language bindings (Software Development Kits) for Rackspace and OpenStack products and works with developers to adopt and utilize the Rackspace public cloud products. My first major deliverable was the php-opencloud library, an open-source API for OpenStack and Rackspace services. We also manage the Rackspace Developer site and participate in a number of developer outreach programs. I also spent time in developer outreach activities, such as speaking at conferences, workshops, and meetups.

Previous to this role, I was an architect and product manager on the Rackspace Cloud team working on the latest iteration of the Compute product line, which is based on the OpenStack Compute (Nova) project. In this role, I worked with many other teams inside Rackspace to integrate the new product fully into the business systems and other processes within the company. I designed a scheduler service for OpenStack Compute and defined administrative APIs for use by Rackspace operations teams.

In addition to my direct work with the Compute product line, I was also an architect for an internal Rackspace initiative that involves a major transformation of our internal systems into a service-oriented architecture (SOA) around our major cloud products.

Yahoo! Inc., Sunnyvale, CA (2004-2010).

I held a number of positions while at Yahoo!:

Data Warehouse Engineer, Blazent, Inc., San Mateo, CA (2004).

I helped develop data warehouse architectures and policies for this small start-up company that focused on Business Intelligence applications for Information Technology departments. I worked with Oracle, MySQL, and various ETL applications (Informatica, Embarcadero, Ascential) in defining the ETL processes for the application.

Sales Consultant, Informatica, Inc., Redwood City, CA (2003-2004).

As a Sales Consultant, I provided technical expertise on the Informatica suite of ETL/data integration tools during the sales process. This included product demonstrations, trade show participation, and on-site proof-of-concept projects. I also worked with Informatica’s acquired changed-data-capture products using IBM DB2 and ORACLE.

Independent Contractor (2001-2003).

During this period, I participated in numerous projects including data warehouses for a major bank in San Francisco and for a large government agency in British Columbia. These projects included the design and development of ETL processes using tools such as Ab Initio, Oracle, DB2, and ETI˙EXTRACT. I also participated in several small start-ups and worked with VC firms on various projects.

Director of Software Engineering, DotRocket, Inc., Campbell, CA (2000-2001).

I was in charge of producing a web traffic data warehouse product for this startup company that focused on Internet bandwidth optimization. A prototype of the data warehouse was designed and implemented using Perl, PHP, and MySQL before the company ceased operations because of lack of funding. I managed a team of employees and contractors during this period.

Managing Director of European Operations, Legendary Data Systems, Reading, Berkshire (United Kingdom; 1999-2001).

As the country manager for this US consulting firm establishing a foothold in Europe, I hired and managed a team of consultants, developed and maintained customers, grew a partner base, worked with legal staff and other specialists, and delivered an organization that significantly contributed revenue to the company’s bottom line in a period when the US operations had stagnated. Projects included data integration and data warehouses in conjunction with Natwest Bank, Plc, IBM Germany, and Evolutionary Technologies, Ltd. I was responsible for substantial new lines of business as well as Legendary’s first major customer success story in Europe (Barmer Ersatzkasse in Wuppertal).

Evolutionary Technologies International (ETI), in Austin, TX, and Wokingham, Berkshire (UK); 1992-1999.

(Note: firm is now defunct)

While with ETI, I started as a software engineer and was promoted to engineering manager. Using ETI tools, I developed or helped develop “data system libraries” that generated code in C, COBOL, JCL, and various other languages; these libraries generate programs that accessed various database and storage systems including DB2, Oracle, IDS, and IDMS.

During this period, I helped the company grow from 16 employees to a multinational organization with more than 400 employees on three continents with annual revenue in excess of US$40M. I established the company’s first technical support team. I became a consultant, first in the US and then on a long-term assignment in Europe. I worked with numerous customers in the United States, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Denmark, France, Germany, Spain, South Africa, and Italy. (Note that consultants with ETI worked in both a pre-sales and post-sales capacity.)

I helped ETI Europe deliver more than US$20M in revenue while I managed a team of consultants in the UK, France, and Germany. I helped develop close relationships with partners such as IBM France and IBM Sweden. My final title with ETI was Manager of European Consulting. During my time with ETI, I helped to deploy more than 40 major data warehouse or data migration projects, as well as assisting in closing many new customers.

Technical Writer, BMC Software, Austin, TX (1991-1992).

I produced reference and end-user documentation for the ALTER for DB2 and CHANGE MANAGER for DB2 products. I worked closely with the engineering staff and with other technical writers and editors.

Systems Analyst, Texas Education Agency, Austin, TX (1988-1991).

I helped in the development of the Public Education Information Management System (PEIMS), the first large-scale data warehouse that focused on the needs of Texas Educators. In addition, I helped develop an order tracking and management system for the purchase and shipping of textbooks to the more than 1,100 Texas school districts.

System Support Specialist, Commercial Systems, Inc., Austin, TX (1984-1988).

I wrote Z80 assembler device drivers and provided end-user support and consulting for this small start-up computer manufacturer.

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