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Is the Internet still up?

I know that you, like me, have often wondered whether or not the Internet is still running. Now you need worry no more. I have created the Internet status page:

Simply point your browser to this site, and it will let you know if the Internet is still up after running an exhaustive series of checks, including verifying every single intermediate node (router, firewall, proxy, or cache) between your browser and the Internet.

Available in multiple languages based on your system’s language settings.

Want to know how the magic happens? The source code is available on Github.

Frequently-Asked Questions

Why did you create this site?

So I’d know if the Internet was up.

How does it verify that the Internet is up?

By using HTTP over TCP/IP. Also, HTML.

Can I donate to this project?

The thanks of a grateful world is all I need.

What do I do if the Internet is down?

Press the RESET button.

Does it really verify that the Internet is up?


Really really?


The whole thing?

Technically, it only verifies the portion of the Internet that is visible to you. But, really, that’s the only part that counts, right?

Do you ever add new features?

Of course; what software developer doesn’t allow feature creep? You can check out the experimental version of the site for new features as they are added.

Is this an open-source project?

Yes. The source code is available on Github.

Will you accept pull requests?

Gladly. They may be subjected to a very high level of peer review and analysis, however, given the strategic nature of the Internet.

What languages is this available in?

Currently: English, Esperanto, Spanish, Finnish, Norwegian, Danish, German, French, Korean, Russian, and Chinese (Simplified).

Glen Campbell
April 6, 2013