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I currently hold a Technician class license that I acquired in 2006 (after the FCC dropped the code requirement). I’m hoping to upgrade that this weekend, however, by taking the General class examination offered by W5ROS here in San Antonio.

To prepare for this, I’ve been using the awesome Ham Study site. It allows you to review the questions, go through randomly-selected flash cards, and take practice tests. In addition, it’s smart enough so that, if you miss a question, it will bring it up more frequently until you get it right a few times in a row.

Moreover, if you create an account and sign in, it will remember your status over time so that you know how much you’ve covered.

Screen Shot 2014-04-17 at 1.21.45 PM

As you can see, I started off poorly, but my recent tests have been at 94%, so I’m hopeful of doing well on Saturday.

Glen Campbell
April 17, 2014