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So what's next?


It’s been an interesting month; I’ve managed to pass the top two levels of amateur radio exams but I don’t really have much equipment except for a 2M/70cm mobile unit and a roof-mounted antenna for the truck. Studying and, more importantly, finances have prevented me from actually getting too involved in the HF bands as I’d like. Here are a few things that I would like to accomplish:

  1. My son wants to build a radio, and I would love to do that with him. Any recommendations for good kits?
  2. I would very much like to learn Morse code at an acceptable level. I think it would be very cool to take a tiny CW QRP rig with me as a travel (I travel a lot for work) and then be able to make contacts in a number of new locations. Now that I’ve passed the Extra exam, this is likely where I’ll focus next.
  3. I have in mind to re-purpose an older Yaesu FT60R with a Raspberry Pi to use as an APRS Internet gateway. I’m thinking that it should be fairly trivial to do.
  4. Once my son and I build the radio, I’ll obviously need some sort of HF antenna in the back yard or attic to use with it.
  5. Our family has a ranch in west Texas; I’d love to be able to set up a station for use while we’re there. (It’s so remote that there’s no cellphone coverage.)

What do you have in your ham radio plans?

Glen Campbell
May 4, 2014