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I passed!

I now have an official ARRL CSCE (Certificate of Successful Completion of Examination) showing that I passed Element 3 of the FCC amateur radio license exams, and permits me to operate “As General” (hence the /AG). 

Which is all fine and good, except that I don’t actually have any equipment that will let me operate on the HF bands, so I guess I’ll have to defer that until another day. 

Meanwhile, I at least know that I’ll be a General class operator for the remainder of my life. 

I was quite pleased to see that there were a dozen or so other folks there who were taking (and passing) their exams. In fact, there was one retired lady who passed her Extra exam with 100%, and that’s very impressive. The youngest was a girl in her early 20’s who passed her Technician exam.

Glen Campbell
April 19, 2014