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HF frustration

DSCF2610.JPG We’ve got our little MFJ-9420 (20M) transceiver set up. We have the antenna strung as an inverted-V over some trees in the back yard. We have the antenna tuned to a SWR between 1:1.1 and 1:1.3.

And yet, apart from one QSO where I snuck up on someone in Arizona (thus proving that a signal is getting out and getting heard), I’m getting no responses to calling CQ.





After several weeks of trying regularly.

Yes, it only puts out 10W or thereabouts, and I suspect that’s the main issue; our signal is getting lost in the noise for most folks.

But, really, nothing at all? It’s very frustrating.

I’d appreciate any suggestions.

Glen Campbell
June 19, 2014