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Field Day

Today is ARRL Field Day. This is an event cum contest: the idea is to operate remotely so as to simulate operating under emergency conditions. It’s also a contest, in that you attempt to make as many points as possible with other folks. It’s also a public-relations events, where groups permit interested folks to get on the air under proper supervision.

ARRL Field Day 2014 This is my field day setup. If you look closely, you can see the center point of my dipole over the truck in the back.

I’m operating at my wife’s family’s ranch in west Texas. I guess I should be operating on battery power, but it was easier just to plug in the power supply.

I put up my dipole between two large trees in the yard, and the reception is fantastic! I’ve already had a lot more success talking with other hams in California, Vermont, and Idaho, than I ever had at home. (I’m now convinced that my home problems are because the antenna is too low and blocked by a hill to the north.)

Glen Campbell
June 29, 2014