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Building a shack

We pulled the trigger and ordered a 20M SSB 10W transceiver from MFJ Enterprises. This is a very inexpensive radio but people seem to love it. The biggest complaint we’ve heard (online) is that the frequency will drift if it hasn’t had a chance to warm up.

IMG_0687 1.jpg

In addition to the transceiver, we ordered a 20M dipole antenna and a power supply, both of which are necessary for operating it. We also ordered their MFJ-971 antenna tuner. Certainly not required with a balanced antenna, but we may end up with a 60+' feed line and everything we’ve read seems to indicate that having a tuned antenna system is the best thing you can to improve your results.

Having placed the order, we’re now waiting for it to arrive. MFJ seems bent on teasing us.

First to arrive was the antenna tuner, which came in on Thursday. Next was the power supply, which arrived yesterday. The antenna is scheduled to arrive on Tuesday, but they haven’t even shipped the radio yet!

I suppose patience is a virtue, but we’re not feeling too virtuous.

In the picture above, the white box is the AC adapter for the power supply, and the black boxes in front hold a ton of “D” batteries for the power supply (we’re going to be traveling on ARRL Field Day, so we hope to use it remotely). The power supply itself is at the bottom of the stack, and the antenna tuner is on top.

Glen Campbell
May 24, 2014