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Cider and Beer

I don’t particularly like beer, but I’ve discovered (since moving to the Pacific Northwest) that I really, really like cider. On a trip to Europe in May 2019, I discovered that there are some beers that I enjoy, too, but those are mostly of the Kolsch-style and not too common these days. (For the record, I cannot stand the IPAs that are so popular; why someone would want to lick a pine tree is beyond me).

(Note: I started this as a simple text file, but I’ll try to add links to the brewers over time.)


  1. Don’t do this again
  2. Probably not, but it’s unusual so I might be in the mood for it
  3. Just ok
  4. Very nice; definitely put this in the rotation
  5. Absolutely superb



Glen Campbell
Lynnwood, WA (USA)
June 20, 2020