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Photo Prompts

A few weeks ago, I mentioned to a friend of mine that I wanted to become more deliberate in my photography. I started photography as a hobby shortly after college, where I was inspired by a professor who practiced large-format photography. My first love was Ansel Adams and his breathtaking photographs of the American west.

My budget didn’t allow for a 4x5 camera, however, so I mostly worked with a fairly primitive (by today’s standards) Canon SLR; it had automatic exposure but manual focus. I shot primarily in B&W, not only because of my preoccupation with Ansel Adams, but because I could buy the film in bulk and develop it in my bathroom, thus making it a relatively cheap way to practice.

I’ve been an “enthusiast” photographer since then (about 1983) and I’ve used a variety of cameras since then. In the late 1990’s, I encountered a wonderful group of people via the Contax G Pages, a mailing list (and later a website) for users of the Contax G-series autofocus rangefinder cameras. These were small, lightweight cameras with superb Zeiss lenses, and I learned a lot about photography by discussing the craft with the other photographers in that group (which numbered over 2,000 at its peak).

So, my friend and I decided that we needed to challenge each other, photographically speaking. Below is a list of proposed photo topics to work on, one for each week of the year (plus a few extra).

How it works

  1. Each week, take one or more photos of the assigned topic.
  2. Post the photo to your favorite photo-sharing site (Instagram, Flickr, 500px, etc.) and make sure that it’s publicly-viewable.
  3. Tweet a link to the photo with the hashtag #photoprompt. Feel free to add any other #hashtags or description.

Want to follow along? Just follow the #photoprompt tag on Twitter.

The List

  1. Shadow
  2. Shoot from the hip
  3. Close-up
  4. Patterns and repetition
  5. Static
  6. I can’t see them any more
  7. Lightbulbs
  8. Did you see that?
  9. Happiness
  10. Sky above, earth below
  11. Epic selfie
  12. Calm
  13. Food and drink
  14. Zippers
  15. Squirrel!
  16. Fast cars and motion
  17. Athletes
  18. Precis
  19. Silhouette
  20. Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!
  21. The vault of the heavens
  22. Amour
  23. Architecture and public spaces
  24. Eww, that’s gross
  25. Life
  26. Pastries
  27. Suggestive
  28. Formality
  29. Product and function
  30. Winter
  31. Street portraits
  32. The decisive moment
  33. Struggles
  34. Death
  35. Pets and their owners
  36. Fire
  37. Tree and leaf
  38. Fantastic beasts
  39. Kitchen
  40. Bedroom
  41. Ceremonies
  42. Emergency
  43. Something wicked
  44. Skin
  45. Eyes
  46. Hair
  47. Stillness
  48. Broken
  49. Macro
  50. Night photography
  51. Nature
  52. Laughter
  53. Mirror
  54. Water
  55. Love
  56. Signs
  57. Something Old
  58. Reflection
Glen Campbell
Lynnwood, WA (USA)
October 21, 2018