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As those of you who follow me on the various social media platforms are probably already aware, I started a new job at on the first of June. I’m a software development manager with a couple of teams in the retail division. One team is a platform that’s used by a dozen or more other major systems, and the other team maintains the user interface for one of those crucial systems.

Amazon is a fascinating, enormous company, and I’m just getting a glimpse of how it has evolved. I’m lucky in that I’ve actually been an Amazon customer since its earliest days (I even participated in the Beta launch of when I lived in England in the late 1990’s).

Since I started work on June 1, I’m slowly getting up to speed. One of the things that Amazon does well, however, is to scale things, and that includes the ability to hire very large numbers of people and get them productive rapidly. They have an exciting culture where software developers (in particular) take ownership of their systems; most of the work is performed by the teams directly, which means that they can move very rapidly, unlike many other large companies.

Stay tuned as I learn more about it.

Glen Campbell
June 14, 2015