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Street Photography

This morning, I happened to see two of my Facebook friends' posts side-by-side in my newsfeed. Both of them are photographers with a heavy emphasis on street photography, and both of them are quite good.

Nia Maria Moilanen is based in Helsinki, Finland, and though her work focuses primarily on self-portraits, she also does some fabulous street work. Knut Sj√¶rven is an old friend that I’ve known for many years. He and I used to work together on the Contax G pages, a site we ran that was dedicated to the Contax G series cameras. He’s a huge influence in the world of street photography and is currently working on exhibitions in Europe and a street photography summit in Copenhagen next summer.

Photograph Our neighborhood by Glen Campbell on 500px

Our neighborhood by Glen Campbell on 500px

Street photography is a genre that I love; Henri Cartier-Bresson is one of my key influences for why I became personally interested in photography (along with Ansel Adams). The best street photography captures the accidental geometry and artistry that appears when large groups of people are together in an urban setting.

Alas, I am a child of the suburbs. I’ve never had much opportunity to engage in street photography except on those rare occasions when I get to travel. Quite frankly, suburban photography simply doesn’t have the impact of life in the big city.

Glen Campbell
September 14, 2014