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Working with Wok

Note: This essay is kept for historical reasons. I’ve moved the site from Wok to Hugo.

This site is built using the Wok static website generator. The source for it is mostly plain text files in Markdown format, and it is generated and then synced to the server.

This method of maintaining the site has several advantages over using, for example, Wordpress to dynamically generated the site.

Like any technology, however, there are tradeoffs. Here are some of the reasons you wouldn’t want to build every site in this manner:

Would I recommend this approach? In general, no. It’s really much easier to set up a Wordpress site than it is to get something like this working. On the other hand, if you’re a hacker like I am, it can provide a compelling experience for the user while making it easy for me to maintain.

Glen Campbell
March 21, 2013