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Continuous Integration for php-opencloud

This morning, I added the php-opencloud library to the Travis continuous integration service. Travis is a very cool service that automates continuous code testing. It hooks into the Github system and automatically performs tests whenever new code is pushed. If there are errors, it will send out notifications of the build status via IRC or email.

It makes it easy to do some things that have been a real pain for me, such as testing against multiple versions of PHP. It’s difficult to maintain various versions of PHP for testing on my local laptop, so this takes care of that for me.

Setting this up is very simple; after you create an account using your Github login, you simple create a file .travis.yml in the root of your repository. The one for php-opencloud looks like this:

language: php
  - "5.5"
  - "5.4"
  - "5.3"

This merely informs Travis that it uses PHP and that it should be testing against those specified versions.

As an example as how Travis has already helped me, I don’t even have PHP version 5.5 on my laptop. I’m now getting test coverage there without having to install it.

Click here for the Travis data.

Glen Campbell
March 30, 2013