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The best luggage I ever owned

I have been traveling on business fairly regularly since 1993, when I became a consultant for Evolutionary Technologies International, an enterprise software vendor. When I first became a consultant, I went out and spent $50 on a wheeled carryon bag. After a month, it was utterly decrepit, so I replaced it with another $50 wheeled carryon, but of a different brand. After another month on the road, that bag, too, was destroyed.

Instead of spending another $50 on a wheeled carryon, I asked my fellow consultants what they were using. Six of the seven were using Briggs & Riley wheeled carryons. The B&R carryon cost $250, but it’s hard to argue with results.

I can take a hint and, twenty-one years later, my Briggs & Riley wheeled carryon is still going strong. A few years ago, one of the wheels broke, but the company replaced it for free under their unlimited lifetime warranty. Between 1996 and 2000, I lived in Europe and averaged 140 flight segments per year. I don’t travel nearly so much these days, but I can still reply on my luggage.

I am not a paid spokesperson, but simply a very happy customer. I have not performed an exhaustive comparison between B&R and other brands, and I’m sure that the price has gone up since then. All I know is that their products perform superbly.

Glen Campbell
October 3, 2012