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This site is built with the Hugo static site generator. All of the content is written in Markdown and it is all managed in a Github repository. (If you feel so inclined, you’re welcome to add content and submit a pull request.)

The typeface is, of course, Galliard. It’s available via

The style sheet borrows from Tufte CSS, a cascading style sheet that attempts to implement some of the ideas of Edward Tufte in The Visual Display of Quantitative Information, a profoundly important work in understanding how information is presented. Since this site is mostly prose and not data, it does not use all of Tufte’s ideas, though I venerate them.

The static site is hosted on Amazon S3 and is served via Amazon CloudFront. All the DNS is handled by Amazon Route53. The script used to upload the site is stored in the /tools directory of the repository. Most of the images used on this site are stored in either Flickr or 500px. The podcast audio files (and some static images) are also served via S3 and CloudFront.

Note that Perl, sed, and awk are extensively used in the maintenance of the site.