Glen Campbell

Welcome to my website. This is where I write about things that interest me. Hopefully, readers might occasionally find it interesting, too. I write mostly about things that happen in my life: personal history, music, software, travel, photography, cooking, and occasional ill-advised forays into politics (though I have to say that politics is a subject that should generally be avoided, because it tends to overshadow everything else that's useful or interesting).

Essays & Poetry

A collection of prose and poetry, both serious and profane, on numerous subjects ranging from music to software to cooking to work and biography. Most of what I write is for my own memory, but it might be interesting to someone else.

  1. Stonehenge
  2. Syncope
  3. Vanity Nameservers with AWS Route53
  4. My Favorite Movies
  5. Waiting
  6. Oh, the places you'll go!
  7. Broadpool Cottages
  8. Rage, Rage
  9. My little ukulele
  10. The humble mailing list
  11. I love the “a”
  12. That old house
  13. Smart Locks
  14. On Being Fat
  15. Amazon
  16. Street Photography
  17. Please, allow me to rant a moment
  18. Bags
  19. Doing It Right
  20. Code for America
  21. Quite possibly the most important management advice you'll ever receive
  22. The management transition
  23. Happy Birthday
  24. Sacred Spaces
  25. Playing Around
  26. On Longer Days
  27. Chapter One
  28. Continuous Integration for php-opencloud
  29. Boost your website performance
  30. Working with Wok
  31. Programmable DNS
  32. I accidentally my servers
  33. Vanity nameservers with Rackspace DNS
  34. Music performance apps for the iPad
  35. How to talk about gun control
  36. I want to die in Autumn
  37. The best luggage I ever owned
  38. SQL is the new hotness
  39. Say what?
  40. Amo, amas, amat
  41. The Apogee Jam
  42. Life is short
  43. Alligator Gar
  44. The transit of Venus
  45. Understanding the Keystone Service Catalog
  46. Death
  47. Developing for the cloud
  48. The Library Crew
  49. Classical Music
  50. Marching Band
  51. Gadgets
  52. A joke my mother told me
  53. Snow Day
  54. Never trust anyone
  55. Flam, diddle, paradiddle, drag
  56. The most powerful emotion
  57. Go west, young man
  58. Begin at the beginning
  59. It's not all about the code.
  60. Software contingency planning, Donald Rumsfeld, and the epistemology of ignorance
  61. A good nights' sleep
  62. Goodbye, Bro
  63. How to deliver bad news to your boss
  64. How to write a performance review
  65. How to give a presentation
  66. How to give a status report

Ham Radio

These are a number of posts related to amateur ("ham") radio. Since they are probably not of general interest, I keep them in a separate section here. (K6GEC is my FCC-issued callsign.)

  1. Field Day
  2. HF frustration
  3. On the air!
  4. New dipole
  5. Building a shack
  6. Low-cost HF
  7. Ham etiquette and operating procedures
  8. Equipment
  9. The new rig
  10. Hitting the (HF) airways
  11. What's the ULS?
  12. The ARRL Book
  13. So what's next?
  14. K6GEC/AE!
  15. Again? Seriously?
  16. Chirp!
  17. Well, it's official now
  18. What is APRS?
  19. K6GEC/AG
  20. Studying

On Garner Road

A few years ago, I operated an infrequent podcast wherein I interviewed interesting and unusual people on the Internet. They are archived here for all to see. All the original recordings are available.

  1. Episode 22, Which is better—Pulp Fiction or The Empire Strikes Back?
  2. Episode 21, the Engineer in the kitchen
  3. Episode 20, the Southern Belle
  4. Episode 19, the Speculator
  5. Episode 18, The Critic
  6. Episode 17, Return of the FFundercats
  7. Episode 16, The Last Time Lord
  8. Episode 15, Life-streaming and rockets
  9. Episode 14, Rob Michael
  10. Episode 13, The Photojournalist on Honeymoon
  11. Episode 12, Father of Twins
  12. Episode 11, Memorial Day Special
  13. Episode 10, What do you get when you cross a moose with a unicorn?
  14. Episode 9, What the Warner Brothers Taught Me
  15. Episode 8, Film, Tech, and Whisky
  16. Episode 7, Pecans and Film Cameras
  17. Episode 6, Do you know Enid Blyton?
  18. Episode 5, The Queen of FriendFeed
  19. Episode 4, Sarah Vela
  20. Episode 3, The Other Scoble
  21. Episode 2, John Piercy
  22. Episode 1, Mary Carmen

Software, Web Projects

Various websites and software that I've written and deployed. Nearly all of this is open-source, and most of it is available on Github.

  1. Webcams
  2. Is the Internet still up?
  5. Siteframe


I enjoy cooking. These are dishes that I have adapted in some way or another.

  1. Biscuits
  2. Turkey, Cranberry, and Wild Rice Soup
  3. Buttermilk Pie
  4. Chocolate Krinkles
  5. The Scrivener Eggnog Recipe
  6. Soft White Bread
  7. Texas-Style Slow Cooker Chili
  8. Macaroni 'n' Cheese


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